The Kavon


The Kavon Theme Restaurant, a must do experience in Newcastle.

Home to vampires, ghouls, demons and other creatures of the night who cannot wait to dine with you!

A frightfully terrific night out, perfect for birthdays, hens / bucks shows, divorce parties...

Any excuse will do!


To get everyone in your group mingling, laughing, and perhaps even blushing, try some of these games. 

Pass The Parcel

You played it when you were younger, why let the fun stop there! This is a game that you could prepare and bring along to your Kavon show. It could easily be played in one of the Intervals throughout the show and any of our Krazy characters would be more then happy to help out with the music. Fill your parcel with layers of Risque prizes and fun dares for you and your Guests to un-wrap. We will leave the extent of the 'Risque' prizes up to you, but suggest dares such as; Get on stage and twerk like Miley, Propose to one of the Kavon Kreatures, Sing any some about sex.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: One Big Prize for the center of the parcel, lots of little prizes,  dares pre-written on pieces of cardboard. And off course, paper and sticky tape!  

The Newly Weds Game

Before the Hens party, The bridesmaids ask the groom-to-be a series of questions about himself and record his answers. Whilst at the Hens Party your Bride-to-be is asked the same questions about her groom to see if she can give the same answers. We recommend filming the groom answering the questions so you can play it back to your bride. We recommend questions like; What is his favorite movie? What would the groom say is the brides worst habbit? Where was your first kiss shared with the bride?  

Pass the Cucumber 

This is one of the sillier Hens Night games. This game can be played in a few ways, but the idea is simple; Pass the cucumber around your table from person to person without using your hands. We recommend using Intervals in the show to do this game relay style. Get one girl to do a lap of the table with the cucumber between her knees without dropping it and then pass is on with no hands to the girl who sits beside her at the table. This person then does a lap of the table without dropping the cucumber and passes it on again. 

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: A cucumber and a good sense of humor.