The Kavon


The Kavon Theme Restaurant, a must do experience in Newcastle.

Home to vampires, ghouls, demons and other creatures of the night who cannot wait to dine with you!

A frightfully terrific night out, perfect for birthdays, hens / bucks shows, divorce parties...

Any excuse will do!


To help take some of the stress out of organising the big night, The Kavon aims to provide your Hens night party planners with everything they need in the one place! Book with us online, add a Gold Service upgrade to your table and some Hens Packs, and then without even leaving our website grab yourself some ideas for costumes and games! 

Costumes are great fun! Below are some fantastic themes for your Hens Night.

  • UNIFORMS PARTY- Naughty Nurses, Doctors, Firemen, Army, Navy Police & School Uniforms
  •   PRINCESS PARTY- Disney princesses 
  •   ONCE UPON A TIME PARTY- Anything fairy tale, Red riding hood, Alice in wonderland, Fairies.
  •   CREATURES OF THE NIGHT PARTY- Vampires, Ghosts, Werewolves, Mummies, Witches.
  •   MISS DEMEANOURS PARTY-  Cops, Robbers, Gangstas, FBI, Detectives.
  •   GAGA PARTY- Anything wacky, Lady Gaga, Crazy.
  •   UNDER THE SEA- Mermaids, Ursula, Octopus, diver, Shark, Seaweed.
  •   60's AND 70's PARTY- Flower power, hippies, flares, Big hair.
  •   ALICE IN WONDERLAND PARTY- Alice, Mad Hatter, Cheshire Cat, Queen of Hearts. 
  •   HEROES AND VILLAINS PARTY- Batman, Joker, Captain Planet, Superman, Ursula.

RUNNING ON A TIGHTER BUDGET? Try some of these ideas. 

  • FASHION FAUX PA PARTY- Bad Fashion Trends.
  • LAUNDRY DAY PARTY- That one outfit you only wear when EVERYTHING is dirty.
  • PINK AND WHITE PARTY- Exactly what it sounds like. Everyone dresses in pink and white. 
  • I TRUST MY FRIENDS PARTY- Everyone pairs off a buys someone else a $10 outfit from a good will shop. 
  • ELEMENTS PARTY- Wind, water, fire, earth.
  • FLURO PARTY- we know you have some hidden in your wardrobe already ;-)