The Kavon


The Kavon Theme Restaurant, a must do experience in Newcastle.

Home to vampires, ghouls, demons and other creatures of the night who cannot wait to dine with you!

A frightfully terrific night out, perfect for birthdays, hens / bucks shows, divorce parties...

Any excuse will do!


Vegan Menu Options

We do request prior notice of Vegan guests so we can ensure our preparation is appropriate.


Roast Vegetable Salad

Salt & Pepper Mushroom Salad

Gnocchi with Pesto


Chocolate Brownie




Pre-selection of mains are to be submitted by the Wednesday prior to your booking. Alternatively you can select an alternating selection of Chicken Schnitzel and Steak Meals. Mains are served with Chips & Salad, sauces can be omitted as required.

The Schnittie
Chicken Schnitzel with Creamy Bacon Sauce.
(Available in GF with pre order)

The Steak (GF)
Cooked med/well with saute of bacon and leek
(Available in LF with pre order)

The Barra (GF)
Poached barramundi with coconut and lime sauce.

Vegetarian Lasagna. (V)
(NOT Available GF, LF or without mushroom)

Roast Vegetable Salad. (V, GF)
With cashews and feta
(Available in Vegan, LF with pre-order)

Chicken Caesar Salad.
(Available in GF with pre order)

Chicken Fettuccine. 
Creamy Chicken, bacon, mushroom sauce.

(NOT Available GF, LF or without mushroom)

Vegan guests please email for Vegan menu

(Set menu. No pre selection unless GF, LF or vegan option required)

An alternating drop of;

Lemon Meringue Pie
(GF LF available with pre order)

Triple Choc Brownie
(GF, LF brownie available with pre order)

Housemade cheesecake
(GF available with pre order)

All available in GF with pre order. Vegan option available upon pre-order.  

Desserts cannot be pre-ordered unless there are dietary requirements. Please enter the name of guests with dietary requirements and specific requirements in the available section. Please advise of Vegan, LF of GF guests so appropriate desserts can be provided.

A printable copy of our menu with area for guest selections can be found here

Booking Date *
Booking Date
Please provide alternating meals.
If you check this box we will serve 2 Schnitzels to 1 Steak meals for you guests. Please advise of any dietary requirements if applicable.. Alternatively enter number of each menu selection required below.
-Served with Creamy Bacon Sauce. Alternative sauces are limited to Tomato and BBQ sauce.
-Cooked medium well, As we serve function style steaks cannot be cooked to order.
-NOT available GF, Dairy Free or without mushrooms.
-For LF or Vegan please specify in notes section
-NOT Available GF, Dairy Free or without Mushrooms
Please provide Guests Name along with dinner and dessert selection for vegan guests -
Desserts are alternating selection, Pre-selection for desserts will only be accepted for dietary needs. Please advise of any dietary requirements, including gluten free, lactose free and vegan, along with the guests name, so we can ensure appropriate desserts are available.